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96 Craft Beer Label

96 An Origin Story

A Publican, a Yellowbelly…its early 2015 but 2016 will peep its head around the corner quickly and it will be 20 years since we danced at the crossroads, sure what does a guy do only commemorate it with….BEER So if we take this back a bit, i look now and go wow, what happened that summer and where did that 20 years go. We had some fun watching & travelling up to Croke Park to see our hero’s fight it […]

Barrys KFM Radio Cookery Slot

Missed Barry’s show? Not to worry, you can listen using the SoundCloud links below, enjoy! Barrys KFM Radio Cooking Slot 1 Barrys KFM Radio Cooking Slot 2 Barrys KFM Radio Cooking Slot 3

Helles Lager – Our New Craft Beer

We have just release our new Craft Beer – Hell Hath No Fury, see full description and testing notes below. Very simple but yet tasty munich style helles. Light and crisp, Full of flavour, nice malt character with mild hop presence from the Aurora. Our Helles style Lager is made the traditional way and is lagered for 3 weeks, which means storing the beer in cold temperatures to condition & clear the beer. The result is a crisp, biscuity, effervescent […]

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